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V4 to V5 UPGRADE KIT for Bike setup and measurement tool - Not Needed if you purchase V5 or V6 Tool

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This is a kit to upgrade a V4 tool with a normal 1m ruler, into a V5 tool where the ruler is cut into two pieces for more simple storage and transport. The phone holder also moves the phone to the front face of the ruler so that you no longer need to reconfigure the device when switching between measuring saddle and handle bar position.

The kit includes the 2 phone holder components and you will need to cut your existing ruler. This is best done at the 42cm point, an you need to remove a total of 3mm (1/8 inch) to ensure that the device still measures correctly.

Currently available in the UK and USA, please email for any other destinations.

If you want to upgrade V4 to V6 you will need this kit and the V5 to V6 upgrade kit