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Bike Measurement and setup tool V6, now includes hands accessory!

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Bike measurement and setup Tool + Phone App.

Use this tool + the smartphone app to easily measure and replicate your saddle and handlebar positions, using bike fitting standard X, and Y coordinates.

Version 6 of this tool has a 2 pieces ruler, and the phone mount holds the phone on the front of the ruler instead of the edge.  This kit also includes the 1m ruler.

NEW!! Hands accessory for easier usage is now included!

Also includes the most popular adaptors:

Multi-purpose Dome,
NEW!! Shimano Hollowtech (June 2023 version!!)

Adaptors are compatible with a 3/8 socket drive, so you can also use your own Allen key sockets if you have an 8mm (or similar) hex bolt in the center of your crank.

Additional adaptors are available separately for Shimano power cranks and a universal 'V' shape that fits over the outside of a crank arm with no center locator.

Please, after purchasing the tool, find the companion App and usage instructions at the website

 Full Review from the International Bike Fit Institute